Boulevard One

Boulevard One is the last opportunity to own a new home in Lowry, Denver’s award-winning community. Contemporary designs blend work and life, acknowledge flexible families and honor sustainability. Trails wrap around intimate outdoor gathering spaces, thought-provoking art, and walk-to cafés and shops. Latsis Custom Homes has been awarded seven custom lots on Magnolia and Archer Place in Lowry’s Boulevard One Neighborhood.

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Interested in Boulevard One?

We are pleased to announce we have two new properties on archer place.

6886 East Archer Place will be a main floor master home plan. The home will start at $1.3M. Plans and specifications are in process. 7066 East Archer Place faces the new community park. This home will start at $1.7M. Plans and specifications are in process.

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The benefits are countless for low-impact urban living including:

  • A smart location linked to surrounding neighborhoods via paths, alternative transportation and surface streets
  • A variety of dwelling types and flex spaces within easy walking distance of stores, offices and a school
  • Narrow, shaded and connected streets that welcome pedestrians and cyclists
  • Structures close to the street at a pedestrian scale
  • Innovative outdoor spaces for socializing, relaxing and working
  • Green building practices and rigorous energy-efficiency standards to manage environmental impacts

Locations & Accessibility

Boulevard One is an area in Lowry, formerly known as historic Runway One at Lowry Air Force Base.

Centrally located within Lowry, Boulevard One will allow residents to frequent retail shops, Lowry Town Center, and enjoy all the amenities of the surrounding communities including Crestmoor Park, which is just blocks away. Transit routes allow for ease of travel to the shopping and restaurants located in Cherry Creek.


Boulevard One has been mindful of sustainability from the beginning – and will continue to be as construction begins. 32,000 tons of pavement has already been recycled from the former roads, parking lots, taxiways, and tarmac and 51 tons of metal will be salvaged. This was done on-site, eliminating approximately 1,000 truck trips. Furthermore, Boulevard One will be one of the country’s first developments to build according to the LEED for Neighborhood Design standard - with a stylish mixed-use approach.

Energy Performance

MAME Finalist

We are proud to announce 6936 East Archer Place was a finalist for the Best Architectural Design of a Custom Home under 5,000 sq. ft for the MAME Awards 2018.

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