See the process

Building a home or remodeling the home in which you live is a detailed, multi-layered process. You should ensure you work with a licensed, organized professional who can guide you through with confidence.

Plan Development

All significant building or remodeling projects start with a formal plan, typically designed by a licensed architect and structural engineer as necessary. To ensure your plan meets your desired budget, you should select your builder prior to or in conjunction with your selection of the architect for your project. When Latsis consults with a customer at the plan development stage, we review the plans with our customers to improve upon the functionality of the floor plan and to identify possible cost savings.


Once a working set of plans is complete, we work with our clients to identify the products and finishes desired for the home. We then submit the plans and specified finishes to our contractors for bidding. This provides a reliable estimate for the project cost. Once we achieve the right design and the right budget, we submit the plans for permit.


Upon receipt of the permit, the construction process begins. Latsis manages the project schedule with a detailed project plan identifying the sequence of necessary events, lead times, and dependencies. Our clients will have specific selections to complete within identified time frames to ensure the construction process remains on schedule. Latsis provides its customers with a selection and walk through schedule to clarify the sequence of events. For example, although appliances are installed at the project’s end, they are one of the first selections to be verified. Their size affects the cabinet design. Their electrical and plumbing requirements affect the mechanical placement. On a custom project, numerous choices, great and small require attention and timely response. We personally communicate as often as required to ensure our customers, contractors, and we are in concert on the schedule and decision-making.

Pre-Completion Walkthrough

Construction in process can be confusing to the eye. Many items that may appear “incorrect” may be in process. As such, Latsis conducts a detailed completion walkthrough and punch list review once all work is complete and the final clean has occurred. Our customers have the opportunity to “blue tape” the house for paint touch-up or any blemishes they may find. We also review operation of thermostats, furnaces, air conditioning units, water heaters, appliances, and any specialty items installed. If our communication throughout construction has been successful, the walkthrough should generate a minimal punch list and better understanding of your new home’s features.


At completion, we verify the punch list has been resolved and we review the warranty process with our customers. The home and its improvements is ready to go and we can all celebrate a job well done.