Stapleton Redevelopment

Once Denver’s International Airport, Stapleton is now setting the standard for urban redevelopment.

A mixed-use, master planned super-development comprising over 4,700 acres, Stapleton is just fifteen minutes from downtown and fifteen minutes from Denver International Airport.

Stapleton is founded on principles of community, sustainability and lifestyle. Building on Denver’s tradition of strong neighborhoods, Stapleton provides a balance equally weighted between residential, business, shopping and parks.

Drawing upon Denver’s historic neighborhoods, Stapleton has tree-lined streets, parks, traditional architecture and homes that are less than a ten minute walk from shops, schools, offices and parks.

Something you won’t find in suburban subdivisions: nearly 30% of Stapleton is reserved for parks and open space. Just as Washington Park, Cheesman Park, Congress Park, City Park, define many of Denver's great neighborhoods, Stapleton will have Central Park as its 80-acre centerpiece.

But this is just one park within Stapleton's 1,116-acre regional park system. Latsis Custom Homes is currently developing home sites that sit alongside bikeways and paths lining Stapleton's Sand Creek and Westerly Creek Greenways. The homes being built in Stapleton echo the styles from Denver’s historic core. By combining classic architecture, open space, new technology and modern amenities Stapleton provides the best of both worlds. All within 15 minutes of downtown.

Latsis Custom Homes is currently developing numerous custom home sites in Stapleton's Urban Estates neighborhood, including several prime locations bordering parks and greenways. Please contact us to explore the possibilities of building your dream home in Stapleton.